Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fast Love - A Novel by Joseph Day


Here is a very short scenerio about "Fast Love".

Sami Martel was a survivor.

Being a high priced call girl provided a good living for her and a young son.

Street smart and pretty, she understood the world of fast love. A world tense with danger, excitement, and the unexpected.

But now Sami was no longer sure of herself. The law wanted her to work for them. All she had to do was coax information from a sadistic, illegal banker named Victor Sitchken. After all, he had only tried to kill her the last time they were together. And besides, she was being paid more money than could be made in a lifetime. So what if the risk was high.

When push came to shove, Sami knew she didn't have a choice. No matter what they said, she knew it would be either her or Sitchken.

And it was then that fast love suddenly became fast death.

This is the first of my three novels now sold on in both the Kindle and Paperback Versions. 

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Joseph Day

                                                                         Hilo, Hawaii

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Good Guide to Ebook Publishing

There are several books about self-publishing on Amazon Kindle. Most seem to be touting the wrong strategies.

Today, however, I happily came across a guide that seems sincere and knowledgeable. It's title is How to Make, Market, and Sell Ebooks All for free. The author is Jason Matthews. And the link to Amazon is  -

However, lol, I'll be the first to confess that I only saw the beginning pages. That said, it was very enlightening  to read his comments about what won't work. Besides the obvious, like vanity publishers, there was advice to not bother about writing conferences, book stores, and advertising. Having just started publishing in the ebook field, I already had my doubts about these options. Nevertheless, it was so refreshing  to read Mr. Matthews own experiences with those venues.

I don't know, nor have I ever met Jason Matthews. If he came across my novels, he might not even like them. But whether he does or not, it was a pleasure to read someone trying to give a realistic assessment of the book market, and specifically, the marketing of ebooks.

Thank you Jason for writing this book. From the number of people who wrote favorable reviews on Amazon, it already looks like a success.

And good luck to all those aspiring "authors" out there. We all need it, no matter how successful someone's been in the book business. Because it is a business, a very rough one, just like the rest of the entertainment industry.

Joseph Day

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Ebook World of Joe Konrath

This article is not about Joe Konrath the writer, Joe Konrath the promoter, or even Joe Konrath the person. It is about Joe Konrath the proselytizer of ebooks.

For those aspiring authors who never heard of him, Joe Konrath writes novels - specifically detective thrillers, science fiction, and other genres. He also does a  lot of nonfiction blogging on the virtues of ebook  publishing that sometimes seem like fiction.

From what I've heard or may have read, Joe Konrath was, maybe still is, a teacher of English or creative writing at some community college in the Chicago area. For years, according to Konrath himself, he tirelessly tried to get his books accepted in the regular publishing world. As I recall, it was either 12 or 20 years. Finally he succeeded, and for a few years was having a series about a woman police detective being sold by a legitimate publisher. Then, for some reason, that firm decided to no longer print Mr. K's books.

Since then, JK has insisted that ebook publishing is the only way for writers to make money and be successful.

Unfortunately, for people trying to break into or get back into the writing business, he's probably correct.

I say unfortunately, because to be successful in ebooks, you have to virtually become a publisher.

Writing the book is the easy part. After that you must have an excellent book cover design, be good at writing your own advertising copy, and, most important of all, have a plan to market / sell your book.

In Mr. K's case, and some other colleagues / collaborators that have blogged with him, they had already had books sold by legitimate publishers, or as Konrath likes to call them, "legacy" publishers. This means they already had a fan base, however small it was or is, from which to build up ebook sales.

Without that initial fan base, in my opinion, they would be floundering like many self published authors who were never fortunate enough to break into the book business.

There are several reasons it's hard to make ebook sales. At most, right now, ebook sales are about 25% of the total book market. Of  this 25%, many of these sales are books successfully and  previously published in paper by large firms. That really doesn't leave much of the market for unknown writers, particularly unknown fiction writers, no matter how good they might be. Keep in mind also, that like the rest of the book market, over half of ebook sales are probably nonfiction.

Last year, I had pointed this out in a comment on Konrath's blog. As I recall, it had to do with someone who had just put up his novel for a sale as an ebook. From my understanding, the guy never had any correspondence with a publishing editor or agent. To me a lot of his assertions seemed fatuous. The silliest one was that if he sold one book a day, he could make the $5000 advance, that publishers  "normally" pay, in 10 years. Yes, he might be able to do that. But if he, or Konrath, or any of the blogs regular fans had any mathematical sense, they'd realize that $5000 received  in this way, with today's inflation, would  have a present value of maybe $50.

But I didn't bother pointing that fact out. Nor on the same blog did I bother telling someone named Ann, who used to write for Harlequin, that it wasn't important she "only" made  ~$20000 on the sale of a book. The important point was how long it took her to write the book, and how many of these she could do in a year. After glancing at one of her novels, I'd say if it took her over two months to write, maybe she should get into something else other than writing. If it did take her two or less months, and she can turn out 4 or  5 of these a year, I'd say she's making a comfortable income. Not rich, but comfortable nevertheless.

Like everything in the entertainment business, writers are full of dreams. It's good for everybody to have dreams. To have hope. Because without it, most of us would go nuts.

Just remember though, it's only dreams. And  most dreams never come true.

Joseph Day

Friday, June 15, 2012


These three novels were recently released on Amazon Kindle. You can learn more about the books at the web site Or you can go directly to Amazon Kindle, and read a preview of each book.

You don't need to buy the Amazon Kindle tablet to read Amazon books. The Kindle software can easily be loaded on your laptop, pc desktop, mobile phone, or anything else that is connected to the internet. It is extremely easy to download this software, and it only takes a few minutes.

The Amazon links to the three books are -

Fast Love


Short Trip

I hope you enjoy them. And please feel free to write a review.

Thank you.

Joseph Day

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

About this Blog

This blog is for writers and those interested in writing. Specifically, it is for professional authors who write fiction.

If you are an amateur author who writes for fun, with no profit motive, by all means enjoy yourself and continue writing. But this blog won't be very interesting for you, unless you enjoy reading what happens behind the scenes in the writing business.

Mostly the articles and discussions will be about fiction writing. Nonfiction is a completely different market, and much larger than fiction book sales. In fact, about ten times larger. So if your only goal is to get published by a legitimate book company, you have a much better chance if you write a nonfiction book. Especially if you are an "expert" in a particular field.

Many of the articles on this blog will be written by me. However, at times, probably other writers or people in the business will be posting guest articles or participate in discussions. If you wish to make a comment about a particular article or discussion, by all means do so. You can be complimentary, critical, or otherwise opinionated. Just remember, though, that others will have the right of reply to what you said. Nobody's views will be censored, though excessively vulgar language may be dry cleaned.

At times, there will be articles promoting my books, or those of other writers. After all, as my father once said about politics - "nobody does anything unless there's something in it for them". I fully confess, that the main purpose of this blog is promote me and my books. However, if you want to get something from people, you have to be willing to give. Therefore, many of the articles on this blog will be discussing the book business, based both on my experiences and those of other people.


A more appropriate name for this blog would have been Rogue Writer. Unfortunately, there are several sites on the internet that already have that name. There's The Rogue Writer, A Rogue Writer, The Rogue Writers Group, etc.. My favorite is "Rogue Writer Actually Writing!".

So, I had to settle for the name mysterynoir3, which is tied into the website promoting my books.

If there's time, in the next few days I should be posting several articles. Right now, I am involved in the launching of three novels that are being published. There will be more about that in an article clearly labeled PROMOTION.

Until then, I hope you enjoy reading these articles, as much as I hope to enjoy writing them.

Best of Luck to all of us.

Joseph Day

Monday, June 4, 2012

About Me

First off, what I'm not.

I am not the Joseph Day who has been writing 45 years for Boston radio stations. Nor am I the Joseph Day who is a nephew of an admiral in the US Coast Guard. And I am certainly not the Joseph Day who is a songwriter and "worship pastor" in the bible belt.

In fact, I am not any of the Joseph Days you have previously seen on the web. I am a new Joseph Day. A professional writer who does novels.

I hate writing or talking about myself. Partly this is because I'm a private person, but mainly it's because I think  I've had a pretty dull life. Of course, many people who know me would strongly disagree. But then that's only based on experiences they've had with me, or what they were told. Perhaps, I guess, relative to many professional writers, I've had a pretty exciting life. But then that's all relative. What may be fascinating to some people, may be boring to others. One  person's treasure is another's trash.

As for Joseph Day the writer, there's also not much to tell. In my early 20's I was a professional writer that was taken seriously in the business, and told by a seasoned  Hollywood screenwriter that I had an  "encouraging future". A publicity agent had suggested I contact this screenwriter. When his wife, who is a lawyer and also his agent, answered the phone, her reply was - "Murray's got enough trouble selling his own stuff.". Nevertheless, Murray did get back with me, and spent an hour giving me advice I had already learned.

For many years I stopped writing fiction. The reason was quite simple. Money.

As a fiction writer, I could make maybe $400 ( inflation adjusted ) writing a short story for the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine. As a professional in finance,  I could make $3000 ( again inflation adjusted ) writing a three page technical letter to the IRS on a tax case. Needless to say, I went where the money was. Or as the gangster said  in the Robert Rossen movie Body and Soul - "It's all addition and subtraction. The rest is just conversation."

Now, I'm back into writing novels again from my home on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

That story is just beginning, and will unfold as you read this blog. It's the story of the book business today. Or more specifically, the book business through my eyes and experience. Like the rest of my life, it's usually pretty boring.

But sometimes it can be interesting.

It's the interesting parts about which I will be writing articles. I hope you enjoy them.

Joseph Day
                                                                     Hilo, Hawaii