Tuesday, June 5, 2012

About this Blog

This blog is for writers and those interested in writing. Specifically, it is for professional authors who write fiction.

If you are an amateur author who writes for fun, with no profit motive, by all means enjoy yourself and continue writing. But this blog won't be very interesting for you, unless you enjoy reading what happens behind the scenes in the writing business.

Mostly the articles and discussions will be about fiction writing. Nonfiction is a completely different market, and much larger than fiction book sales. In fact, about ten times larger. So if your only goal is to get published by a legitimate book company, you have a much better chance if you write a nonfiction book. Especially if you are an "expert" in a particular field.

Many of the articles on this blog will be written by me. However, at times, probably other writers or people in the business will be posting guest articles or participate in discussions. If you wish to make a comment about a particular article or discussion, by all means do so. You can be complimentary, critical, or otherwise opinionated. Just remember, though, that others will have the right of reply to what you said. Nobody's views will be censored, though excessively vulgar language may be dry cleaned.

At times, there will be articles promoting my books, or those of other writers. After all, as my father once said about politics - "nobody does anything unless there's something in it for them". I fully confess, that the main purpose of this blog is promote me and my books. However, if you want to get something from people, you have to be willing to give. Therefore, many of the articles on this blog will be discussing the book business, based both on my experiences and those of other people.


A more appropriate name for this blog would have been Rogue Writer. Unfortunately, there are several sites on the internet that already have that name. There's The Rogue Writer, A Rogue Writer, The Rogue Writers Group, etc.. My favorite is "Rogue Writer Actually Writing!".

So, I had to settle for the name mysterynoir3, which is tied into the website promoting my books.

If there's time, in the next few days I should be posting several articles. Right now, I am involved in the launching of three novels that are being published. There will be more about that in an article clearly labeled PROMOTION.

Until then, I hope you enjoy reading these articles, as much as I hope to enjoy writing them.

Best of Luck to all of us.

Joseph Day

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