Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Dialectic Discussion with Joe Konrath

Yesterday I did a post about the flaws of  books being sold for 99c, so that people would be encouraged to  buy them.

What ensued afterword was a flame war on Joe Konrath's blog - Newbie's Guide to Publishing or some such title.

Basically, if you don't agree with Konrath, his response is to call you stupid, a pinhead, an idiot and a moron. He also tends to use a lot of four letter words like sh**t, etc.. Then, almost immediately, several Konrath regulars will flame you, some  mimicking what Konrath says, others making amorphous accusations and insults.

For obvious reasons, I hardly read Konrath's blog. First, it's not a Newbie's Guide to Publishing, but Konrath promoting himself and his books by stealth. When he's not doing this, he's usually bragging about what a big success he is as a writer. Sadly, I haven't seen any suggestions or advice on actually selling and making the general public aware that somebody's new book exists. But then like I said, Joe Konrath is only interested in promoting himself.

I remember last year some young lady brought  the same thing up, and was immediately castigated for it. It was the same tactics they tried to use on me yesterday. She made a feeble attempt to defend herself, but being a lady she wasn't use to a gang of guys verbally beating her up. It was disgusting.

Well, yesterday, somebody taught them some manners. They're still learning.

But on this blog, we'll talk about more pleasant things, and try to figure the secrets of successfully marketing novels.

There are many good writers out there. Many good people in the publishing business. Let's give them the attention they deserve.


  1. I agree and am with you. I see nothing wrong with Konrath promoting himself, but you are correct when you say that anyone who dares question his wisdom is immediately attacked as a pinhead. And so from one pinhead to another, keep it going.