Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Promotion for Fast Love - A Novel

Fast Love - A Novel by Joseph Day


Here is a very short scenerio about "Fast Love".

Sami Martel was a survivor.

Being a high priced call girl provided a good living for her and a young son.

Street smart and pretty, she understood the world of fast love. A world tense with danger, excitement, and the unexpected.

But now Sami was no longer sure of herself. The law wanted her to work for them. All she had to do was coax information from a sadistic, illegal banker named Victor Sitchken. After all, he had only tried to kill her the last time they were together. And besides, she was being paid more money than could be made in a lifetime. So what if the risk was high.

When push came to shove, Sami knew she didn't have a choice. No matter what they said, she knew it would be either her or Sitchken.

And it was then that fast love suddenly became fast death.

This is the first of my three novels now sold on Amazon.com in both the Kindle and Paperback Versions. 

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