Saturday, July 7, 2012

Flesh - A Novel by Joseph Day


Here is a short scenario about "Flesh".

Danny Santa was broke.  His wife had just left him, he'd been evicted from his apartment, and if that weren't enough, he had the Mafia after him.

So when he saw the job offer, he took it.  After all, he had nothing to loose.  Besides, it should be easy. 

All he had to do every day for money was take his clothes off.

And so began Danny's new career in the porn film industry.  An industry filled with the unhappy and promiscuous.  A place where sex was a daily occurrence, and love as rare as diamonds.  Where everyone had their own special dreams, and their own desperation's.

Danny didn't plan on being in that business for very long.  He never realized it would change his life forever.  Because the last thing Danny ever thought, was that he would fall in love.

This is the second of my three novels sold on both in Kindle and Paperback Versions.

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