Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Short Trip - A Novel by Joseph Day



Here is a short scenario about "Short Trip".

They called him Bobby Card. One of the best dealers in the Las Vegas casinos, he had a special way with women.

But one day Bobby left Las Vegas, with 30 million dollars of the mob's money. They wanted it back, and Johnny was sent to get it.

It would only be a short trip to Los Angeles. After all, they knew how to find Bobby. All Johnny had to do was collect the money, and make sure Bobby would never steal again. Simple.

But suddenly, things were no longer simple. Bobby had disappeared. People were dying.  And soon, Johnny began a search through the underside of Los Angeles. The mean, nasty streets of LA where even the cops were afraid to be after dark.

It was then that the short trip had become a long journey. A journey that would change many people's lives. Especially Johnny.

This is the second of my three novels sold on Amazon.com both in Kindle and Paperback Versions.

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